Universal ballast spreading and profiling machine USP 4000 SWS

The USP 4000 SWS universal ballast spreading and profiling machine form the required standard ballast profile in tracks and points.

It has two cabins, a dust suppressor system and a silo for collecting ballast. It is one of the first profiling machines to meet the requirements of the “Technical Specification for Interoperability relating to the Vehicle – Noise Subsystem” (TSI Noise 2015).

universal ballast spreading and profiling machine
Picture: www.spitzke.com

Functional Characteristics:

  • One-pass-technology with 5 m3 silo
  • New cabin design with increased ergonomics, optimal view of all work units
  • Machine control system Plasser Intelligent Control P-IC 2.0
  • Divided middle plow, especially for tracks with line conductors
  • Pre-programmed plow position at the push of a button, ballast distribution in any direction possible

Technical specifications

Overall weight 62 t
Length over buffers 19.140 mm
Number of axes 4
Engine output ca. 470 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum self-propelled speed 100 km/​h

Performance parameters

Track maintenance performance max. 1.800 m/​h
Track renewal performance max. 1.400 m/​h
Working radius ≥ 150 m
Running radius ≥ 120 m
Working in cant max. 180 mm


Railway magazine “Railway Supply”


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