UPM-1M: Universal track machine

Universal track machine UPM-1M – for enterprises performing current and major repairs railway lines, as well as for enterprises that have and maintain their own access railway lines.

Universal track machine

Manufacturing of new, refurbishment and overhauls of basic UPM-1 tractors designed for the installation of mounted units, their delivery to the work site, as well as for working movement and control of work processes performed by the units, which are designed to mechanize all preparatory, basic and additional work during non-frozen ballast and temperature from -10 ° С to + 40 ° С.

Mounted unit for lifting and tamping a railway track

The VPA unit (straightening and tamping unit) is designed to lift the rail and sleepers onto the ballast and tamp the sleepers of the railway track laid on wooden and reinforced concrete sleepers, with all types of rails and any ballast during the construction of new railways and second tracks with small volumes of work at dispersed facilities with non-frozen ballast; allows you to make a slight shift in the elevated track in plan.

Mounted unit for cleaning the rail and sleepers

Designed to remove excess ballast from the upper bed of sleepers and leveling the shoulders of the ballast prism. The unit performs cleaning of the rail and sleeper grate with removal of excess ballast on the slopes of the ballast section of the railway track with wooden and reinforced concrete sleepers, rails of all types and any type of ballast.

Mounted unit for distillation of sleepers along the mark and distillation of butt gaps

Designed for installation along the track according to the marks of sleepers, alignment of skewed sleepers, adjusting and dispersing rail butt gaps during the construction of the superstructure of a track with rails up to R65 inclusive with wooden sleepers with all types of non-frozen ballast and at all stages of construction of new and second railway tracks on straight lines and curved sections. The mounted unit RSHR is used when working on the superstructure of the track with the types of rails up to R65, gauge 1435 and 1520 mm, plots from 1440 to 2000 sleepers per 1 km of track.

Mounted unit for changing sleepers

Designed to replace wooden and reinforced concrete sleepers laid on any non-frozen ballast.

Ballast dispenser unit

Designed for ballast distribution, leveling and finishing of the ballast prism and performing operations with a frontal plow or a slope planner. The metering unit is made in the form of two attachments that are attached to the base tractor: the front one – the front plow and the rear one – the slope planner. The dispenser is designed to work in areas with a temperate climate (version V category I in accordance with GOST 15150-69) at ambient temperatures from -10°C (with non-frozen ballast) to + 40°C on any type of ballast, on slopes and ascents. etc. paths up to 15 ‰.

Mounted plow snow thrower

Designed for high-speed snow removal of single-track sections of railways at small dispersed objects, as well as snow removal of roads and construction sites. The snowplow is made in the form of a mounted unit, which is attached to the base tractor. The snow blower is designed to operate at an temperature not lower than – 40°C, humidity up to 80% and a snow cover height up to 60 cm from the rail head level.

Rotary snow blower

Designed for snow removal work on railway tracks and highways. The rotary snow blower is made in the form of a mounted unit, which are attached to the base tractor. The rotary snow blower is designed to operate at temperature of at least -40 ° C, humidity up to 80% and a snow cover height up to 70 cm from the level of the road or the rail head.

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