AŽD Praha, a Czech manufacturer of automation, telemechanics and telecommunications equipment for rail and road transport, conducted the first demonstration trip of an unmanned train in the Czech Republic.

autonomous train
Picture: AŽD Praha

This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to AŽD Praha.

A single-car diesel train under the supervision of the driver, but without his participation in the operation, passed the section Čižkowice – Bridge line Švestkové dráha. During the tests, the train automatically, without the intervention of the locomotive crew, stopped in front of the model of the car that was crossing.

The developed AŽD Praha technology involves the transfer of the elements of the train sections plan to the locomotive, the use of onboard and floor devices of the European train control system ETCS, as well as microprocessor centralization type ESA 44. Onboard control system receives personalized energy-optimized schedule to a specific train situation.

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Lidars, optical systems, satellite positioning tools, digital route maps and artificial intelligence are used to monitor the environment, detect obstacles and identify them.

AŽD Praha develops technical means for autonomous control of suburban trains without locomotive crews or under the control of a driver only on certain sections of track. Currently, the legislation of the Czech Republic does not allow the operation of autonomous rolling stock, but changes in the legal field for 2-3 years are not excluded.

In 2022, AŽD Praha plans to extend the testing of the driving system to the Kopidlno-Dolni-Bowow line, which currently lacks regular passenger service, making it possible to actively work on the development, verification and testing of autonomous train control technologies.

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