The short list was formed by the international analytical company StartUs Insights. It includes two companies from Russia and one each from Germany, the USA and India.

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This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.

According to StartUsInsights, 564 railway technology companies from around the world were analyzed using big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

In Russia, consultants chose Cognitive Pilot and Zentorn. The first was founded in 2019 and is engaged in the development of artificial intelligence systems for unmanned rolling stock and other vehicles. The most famous projects are in Russian Railways for the implementation of an autonomous control system on shunting locomotives CME3, as well as in PK Transport Systems to create an unmanned tram. As Olga Uskova, CEO of Cognitive Pilot, noted in an interview with Railway Engineering, in its developments the company adheres to the concept that does not provide for adaptation of the external environment and the creation of additional infrastructure.

Another Russian company, Zentorn, was established in 2020 and now specializes in the creation of modification coatings to improve the efficiency and reliability of diesel engines. The company offers a special metal oxide layer for applying to the trunks of diesel locomotive pistons. According to the company itself, the use of their technology makes it possible to reduce the coefficient of friction (to values ​​of 0.04-0.09), and a record low thermal conductivity of the coating has also been achieved (less than 1 W / m · K).

rail industry

In the United States, Intramotev, founded in 2020, was named as the most promising startup, which plans to launch autonomous freight cars with battery traction on the market. In November, the company received financial support from the venture capital fund Idealab X. Intramotev expects prototypes of autonomous platforms and hoppers to be presented in 2022.

In Germany, StartUs Insights selected the technology company Rail-Flow. Their project provides for the digitalization of workflow for cargo transportation, and the main competitive advantage is the ability to standardize requests, analyze them and conduct agreements within the system.

Indian Pantherun Technologies, established in 2019, specializes in technologies for airborne and fixed communications. StartUs Insights points out that the architecture of their solutions is based on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and thus significantly reduces the size of the final products.

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