Newag won the PKP Intercity tender for the supply of 10 multi-system electric locomotives with a speed of at least 200 km / h, as well as the provision of maintenance services with the possibility of supplying 5 more electric locomotives.

Newag wins the tender for the supply of 10 multi-system locomotives
Picture: Nakolei Pl

Newag was the only one to bid and bid with an option. PKP Intercity wants to allocate the following amounts for this purpose: € 94.2 million with an option and € 62.8 million without an option. Newag’s offer includes a unit price of € 4.8 million. Newag also offers a 36 month guarantee informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Nakolei Pl.

The first Polish hybrid train Impuls 2 delivered to the customer

The tender covered the supply of locomotives adapted to travel at a speed of 200 km / h with the ability to operate in six countries: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary. The contract also includes an option for 5 additional electric locomotives.

All locomotives, as well as assemblies and elements used in their construction, must be new.


Newag delivered another hybrid train for West Pomerania

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