Swiss Stadler fears technology leakage to Russian JSC Transmashholding as part of train service in Germany

This was reported by a representative of Stadler to the German edition Last year, the Russian manufacturer won the Go Ahead Bavaria tender for servicing the Stadler and Siemens trains, and is now building a depot as part of it, infroms railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Railway Engineering.

обслуживать электропоезда

“We fear that, despite contractual obligations, technical know-how will fall into the hands of competitors. We look especially critically at the fact that these are competitors from Russia who enter the European market and thus gain access to technologies that are trade secrets, ”the publication quotes a representative of Stadler. At the same time, the carrier itself does not share the concerns of the machine builder, and TMH indicated that, in accordance with traditional industry practice, he, as a service provider, will be given train service manuals that do not contain any drawings that would allow the train to be produced.

Transmashholding will service electric trains in Bavaria

Stadler’s announcement was made against the backdrop of intensified competition with the Russian manufacturer in Hungary (last year TMH acquired a site in Dunakeszi, where Stadler trains were produced and the Swiss company was also considering its acquisition) and in Kazakhstan, where Stadler and TMH are bidding for the purchase of the Tulpar plant and the fulfillment of a significant long-term contract. Also on May 6, a meeting of Stadler shareholders is to be held, dedicated to the results of 2020. According to the annual report, the Swiss manufacturer had a significant drop in the receipt of orders for rolling stock (2.7 billion, -30% by 2019), however, the volume of new orders for services and components increased (1.4 billion, 81%), revenue decreased slightly excluding exchange rate differences (-4%) and operating profit (from 6.1% to 5.1%).


Transmashholding develops electric train repair