Transmashholding develops electric train repair

Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plant JSC (part of Transmashholding JSC) continues to develop the direction of factory repairs of electric train cars. By the middle of 2021, it is planned to master a new type of activity – current repair of EP2D DC electric trains. This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply citing information from the holding.

develops electric train repair

Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plant has been overhauling electric train railcars of its own production since 2018. Last year, an additional section for the repair of rolling stock with an area of ​​2.4 thousand m2 was organized at the enterprise; five repair positions were created, the necessary equipment and accessories were installed.

Delivery of six 11-car electric trains EP2D

At the beginning of this year, one of the lines of the DMZ wagon assembly shop was also re-profiled for the assembly of overhauled railcars of ED4M electric trains.

The plant’s repair facilities allow for complex overhaul of up to 200 railcars per year.

It is also planned to carry out repairs of EP2D electric trains, which have been produced by the plant since 2015. As part of the implementation of the “road map” of the project, it is planned to partially reconstruct the rolling stock repair shop and build additional rail tracks, while the technology of current repairs will be worked out in parallel.

By 2022, the company plans to reach the capacity of repairs in the amount of 122 railcars per year.


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