The first of 10 Class 93 tri-mode locomotives produced for the Rail Operations Group has been tested at the Stadler plant in Valencia, Spain. These locomotives will be delivered to the Rail Operations Group to reduce CO2 emissions on the UK rail network. They will be used for rail freight and potential passenger traffic in line with the Rail Operations Group’s decarbonization strategy. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Railway News.

Class 93

In 2021, Rail Operations UK signed a framework agreement with Stadler for 30 Class 93 tri-mode locomotives with an initial order of ten units. The Class 93 is Stadler’s first tri-mode locomotive and the first locomotive of its kind to operate in the UK.

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In electric mode, it can run on 25kV AC overhead lines, and on non-electrified lines, it can use a 900kW Stage V motor or two Lithium Titanate (LTO) traction batteries.

The first Class 93 tri-mode locomotive has completed scheduled work at Stadler’s Valencia facilities and will now be transported to the UK for further testing.

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