The authorities of Warsaw have presented the general scheme of development of public transport until 2050, providing both lengthening of existing lines and construction of new subway lines. This is reported by the magazine Railway Supply, citing zdmira.

Warsaw metro

As a result, the total length of the five subway lines will grow from 41.5 to 113 km. Residents of 17 out of 18 districts of the Polish capital will get direct access to this type of transport, with more than half of Varsovians will live within 1 km of the nearest subway station (now 28% of citizens have such an opportunity).

ÖBB to invest over three billion euros in rail infrastructure in 2023

The M2 line is currently being lengthened to the west, according to the master plan it will be extended to the south-west with the construction of three stations. There are also plans to extend the line eastward with a crossing of the Vistula River. Routes of new lines M3, M4 and M5 are planned. At the same time the line M5 will pass through an area of dense construction, in which buildings of historical value have been preserved. Therefore it was decided to build two-level stations on this line, placing the tunnels one above the other. In the Mariemont area, where the three M1, M2 and M4 lines intersect, a station with a single platform for trains of the M2 and M4 lines will be built.

In the area of the South Railway Station, where the intersection of M1 and M4 lines is planned, one of the largest transport hubs in the city with stops for trams, buses and the underground railroad will be built.

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