Rail and Road Locomotive Shunter ММТ-2М for railway gauge of 1520 mm and 1435 mm

Shunting locomobile ММТ-2М based on ХТЗ-150К-09 tractor is designed for operation on the organizations and enterprises own railway tracks with a gauge of 1520 mm and 1435 mm, as well as on mainline. It can be use for shunting work on railway tracks and traction work on roads.

Rail and Road Locomotive Shunter ММТ-2М

The MMT-2M locomobile differs from previous versions by increased weight (13.5 tons), which in turn increases traction characteristics up to 1200 tons (up to 17 loaded wagons).

The doubled power of the compressor allows you to quickly and reliably supply the pneumatic systems of the wagons. In addition, the Rail and Road Locomotive Shunter MMT-2M is equipped with anti-derailment stops, which makes it possible to avoid breakage and deformation in emergency situations when locomobile derails.


Along with shunting operations, MMT-2M can be used during railway tracks maintenance to ensure the technological process of assembly, loading and formation of work trains. It can also work with hopper-dispensers. Many bases have elevated tracks or overpasses for the accumulation and storage of ballast material, so it is quite advisable to use shunting vehicles.

Depending on the slopes on elevated tracks, it is possible to operate from 4 to 10 wagons.

The presence of a powerful compressor unit ensures the simultaneous supply of both the working bodies of 10 hopper-dispensers and their brake system.

Technical characteristics of the Rail and Road Locomotive Shunters ММТ-2М

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