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Locomobile automatic coupler SA-3 (locomotive type)




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Locomobile automatic coupler SA-3 (locomotive type)

Locomobile automatic coupler SA-3 is designed for automatic coupling of rolling stock, transmission of longitudinal forces that expand during movement and stop of the train, as well as during shunting work. It provides automatic coupling of the rolling stock upon impact, automatic return of the mechanism parts to the position of readiness for coupling after the separation of the rolling stock and the possibility of working on the buffer when their coupling is not required.

The automatic coupler SA-3 is installed on the end beam of a special rolling stock, it is designed for locomotives of all types, locomobiles, self-propelled railcars, crushed stone harvesters, rail welding machines, ballast distributors, universal machines for sleepers changing. Due to the fact that there is no place to attach the draft gear on these machines, the automatic coupler is mounted directly on the end beam of the frame structures. The product has a certificate and all permits from the manufacturer.

Specifications Locomobile automatic coupler SA-3 (locomotive type)

  • Static disconnect force, t 200
  • Mounting type via intermediate plate with four M54 bolts
  • Connecting dimensions, mm 390×220
  • Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm 745/500/440
  • Weight, kg 340