MIU began selecting consultants to prepare the transfer of the railway-ferry complex in the port of Chornomorsk to the concession.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, together with the EBRD, began the procedure for selecting a legal adviser to work on the feasibility study and tender documentation for the concession in the seaport of Chornomorsk.

railway-ferry complex in the port of Chornomorsk

MIU is announcing that it will shortly begin selecting a technical consultant to provide professional support for these concession projects, reports Railway Supply magazine citing Railinsider.

It is planned to transfer to the concession the first and second container terminals, as well as the railway-ferry complex.

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The Ministry of Infrastructure plans to announce concession tenders by the end of this year. The transfer itself should take place before 2023. Earlier, the USPA announced a tender for the selection of a consultant, but then canceled the tender. The expected cost of the service was then UAH 17.55 million.


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