Government has banned preferential import of expired freight wagons At today’s meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has banned the import of expired freight wagons in the temporary import regime with conditional partial exemption from customs duties, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Railinsider.

Government has banned preferential import of expired freight wagons

According to the list, among the wagons whose temporary import is prohibited are tank wagons (code 8606 10), self-unloading wagons (8606 30), covered wagons (8606 91 80), open wagons with stationary sides above 60 cm (8606 92) and other non-self-propelled cars (8606 99).

Freight wagons repair

The resolution comes into force from the moment of publication, with the exception of tank wagons, as well as other non-self-propelled wagons, the import of which is prohibited from January 1, 2022. The authors of the decree noted that the implementation of this initiative should contribute to the renewal of the infrastructure and rolling stock of the Ukrainian railways. According to them, the ban on the temporary import of expired wagons is one of the mechanisms to stimulate demand for domestic wagons. Let us remind you that the corresponding draft resolution of the Ministry of Economic Development was published in January.


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