New PORT 2021


The international specialized exhibition New PORT is presenting the best possible engineering and design solutions, the newest models of handling equipment, construction technologies for storage facilities, innovative methods of building and reconstruction of hydraulic structures, modern equipment/materials/components, as well as solutions of increasing the energy efciency and workfow optimization.

exhibition New PORT
Exhibition New PORT

«New PORT UA: Port Infrastructure Development»

Projects for the development of rail, sea and river cargo transportation in Ukraine provide for a large-scale renovation of port facilities, the use of modern technologies and the construction of new infrastructure facilities.

• Modernization and construction of port terminals
• Renovation of reloading equipment
• New approach to cargo storage technologies

«Logistic complexes – international cooperation»

The business meeting triggers discussion about the development of trade, transport and logistics ties with neighboring states, attracting transit cargoes, improving the transport infrastructure, and turning Ukraine into a large logistics hub connecting East and West.

• Multimodal cargo transportation and container trains
• Full cycle of terminal services, logistic complexes, dry ports
• Equipment for stufng, handling and transportation

New PORT 2021

For more information, please contact:
Dmitriy Kozhevnikov
+38 067 255 00 57
+38 056 370 18 32 доб. 395

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