A new wagon manufactured by KVSZ automatically unloads bulk cargo. The Krukovsy Railcar Building Plant (KVSZ) began acceptance tests of a prototype – a dump car (dump car) model 33-7141 in the spring. Recently, testing continued under industrial conditions – on the tracks of the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant.

prototype dump car
Picture: КВСЗ

Experts from the Research Institute of Carriage Building of the State Enterprise “UkrNII” took part in the tests. They recorded the load indicators on the car frame, folding sides, nodes and fasteners while the dump car was moving along industrial routes at different speeds, reports  Railway Supply magazine, citing REUA.

The dump car was also checked for its ability to automatically unload with maximum filling of the body with moldboard.The load in the attachment points on the frame and sides of the car were also recorded during the tests

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Dump cars are loaded with an excavator, and it unloads itself automatically. According to Vitaly Mikhailov, head of the electrical testing laboratory of the KVSZ design and engineering department, the speed of automatic unloading of the model 33-7141 dump car is even higher than that of similar equipment currently operating at the enterprise.

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In terms of other functional characteristics, the car is not inferior to analogues. Upon completion of tests at Poltava Mining and Processing Plant, the dump car was delivered to KVSZ, where the final checks will be carried out. On the territory of the test center, a prototype dump car will be loaded with rubble and collision tests will be carried out at the “slide” stand to identify critical shock loads. They arise when the carriage is lowered from the humps.

Based on the results of the analysis of the data obtained during the complex tests of the prototype, the interdepartmental commission will decide on the provision of permits for the serial production of dump cars of this model.


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