TMH expects to sign a contract for the supply of 560 electric train cars to Argentina in the coming days. The general director of the rolling stock manufacturer Kirill Lipa announced this within the framework of the SPIEF. “Volume – 880 million, about 560 cars. This will be an analogue of the Ivolga, which is operated in Moscow. EG2TV technologies and expertise will be used, ”the head of TMH pointed out in a commentary to Interfax. The production site is expected to be the Tver Carriage Works (TVZ). Various financing scenarios are considered, including from the funds of the FNB.

TMH expects to sign a contract for the supply of 560 electric train cars to Argentina in the coming days
Picture: ТМХ

The volume of supplies announced by the TMH CEO is equal to that adjusted within the framework of the competition of the Ministry of Transport of Argentina. The tender was announced in 2017 for the Retiro – Pilar line, planned for electrification, and initially assumed the supply of 169 trains in 8-car trains (1 352 cars), informs Railway Supply magazine citing tzdjournal.

Then TMH, French Alstom and Argentine engineering company submitted applications. After evaluating the proposals received, the volume of the tender was reduced to 70 trains (560 cars). Last year, Alstom and TMH confirmed their readiness to participate in the tender.

Russian Railways orders additional electric trains

The Russian manufacturer is already present in Argentina. In 2018, TMH signed a contract for the repair of 24 diesel locomotives and 160 passenger cars operated in Argentina by the Chinese CRRC, and is working in two depots – Retiro and Mechita.

In Argentina, the CRRC has the strongest position. Over the past 10 years, it has received contracts for the supply of more than 1 000 electric train cars, more than 100 diesel locomotives and more than 3 500 freight cars. Also at the end of last year, CRRC signed a contract for 211 wagons of electric and diesel trains for $ 490 million.


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