ES3000 battery-electric shunter

The ES3000 is Express Service’s latest development of a heavy-duty three-axle shunting battery locomotive with a carrying capacity of 3000 tonnes.

battery-electric shunter
ES3000 battery-electric shunter

The locomotives are equipped with traction AC motors, which are coupled with axial gearboxes with a high gear ratio. This achieves a high tractive effort at a low operating speed. The maximum speed of battery locomotives is 5 – 15 km/h, which is infinitely variable. The unladen weight of the locomotives is up to 45 tons, which provides them with good grip and trouble-free acceleration when moving from a standstill.

Battery shunting locomotives from Express Service stop trailed wagons by recuperating energy back into the traction batteries. This makes them extremely cost-effective and efficient in shunting operations that require frequent starting and stopping of wagons.

Battery shunters have extremely low operation costs and are virtually maintenance free.

They have numerous advantages over the diesel locos.

Battery shunting locomotives are the best-selling products of Express Service.

Through cooperation with its main customer – Hegenscheidt MFD from Germany – Bulgarian shunters are exported to many different locations in the whole world.

These shunting locomotives are mainly used at:

  • locomotive and wagon repair workshops
  • the enterprises of rolling stock manufacturers
  • industrial enterprises
  • ports
  • logistics terminals.

At its heavy-duty version ES3000 could weight up to 50 tons and shunt up to 4000 tons train at low service speeds.

Express Service OOD

Express Service is the Eastern European leader in offering new shunting locomotives. Bulgaria based company has developed several series of diesel and battery powered shunters that cover most industrial, in-yard or even light train service duties.

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