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MDD 4 diesel shunting locomotive


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MDD 4 diesel shunting locomotive

MDD 4  meets all medium shunting requirements. It is powered by a 400kW Tier 4F engine thus the loco is the most eco-friendly diesel shunter in Europe. It is homologated in Switzerland, Italy and Bulgaria and could obtain permission in most EU administrations. Locomotive is extremely economic with idle fuel spending of just 2l/h. Its mass is 42 tons and is optionally radio remote controlled. Of course – it is the most affordable loco of its class amongst all European competitor models.

Gauge  1435mm
Transmissions type  hydrodynamic
Axle arrangement                                            B
Power of the engine 403 kW
Emissions standard  Stage IV Final
Max. speed  60/30 km/h
Length over buffers  9340 mm
Width  3000 mm
Height  4080 mm
Wheelbase  4700 mm
Tara weight  41 t
Wheel dia. new / worn  920 / 860 mm
Starting effort  135 kN
Brakes  Axle mounted discs
Operating temperatures  (-30) to (+50) C˚
Min. curve radius  80 m.