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ES1000 battery-electric shunter


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ES1000 battery-electric shunter

Battery traction offers very economic, clean and safe shunting. ES1000 battery-electric shunter

That’s why Express Service developed several series of battery-powered rail locomotives. Battery shunters have extremely low operation costs and are virtually maintenance free.

They have numerous advantages over the diesel locos.

Battery shunting locomotives are the best-selling products of Express Service.

Through cooperation with its main customer – Hegenscheidt MFD from Germany – Bulgarian shunters are exported to many different locations in the whole world.

Of course, all shunters are safety integrated with UWL machines of Hegenscheidt.

Apart from wheel lathes applications these shunters are mainly used in locomotive and wagon repair depots and workshops, rolling stock factories, industrial plants, ports, logistic terminals.

Due to the relatively low design speed, ES vehicles offer great starting tractive effort.

Thus, it is not a surprise that shunting capacity of the different models is up to 4000 tons.

ES600 and ES1000 battery shunters

These two series are the most popular models.

Their full-load shunting speed is up to 10km/h – their advantage is at slow, repetitive operations with a lot of idling time.

Real life case studies account for less than €10,00 of energy costs per work shift!

These vehicles are built out of high quality components from world leading suppliers.

All models could be fit with radio remote control systems and train pneumatic brake system is an option.

AC motor controllers are liquid cooled and perform at their best for longer time compare to similar competitor vehicles.

As a customer-oriented company Express Service offers to its partners the good chance to program the AC system as per their needs thus making ES the most open-sourced and customer friendly locos on the market.

ES two-axle battery locos own mass vary from 9 to 36 tons and power range is from just 12 to 130kW.

Best price on the market is a well-known fact and leading quality is guaranteed through the many satisfied customers from the most demanding Western European markets.