Alternative version of Hyperloop in Europe

The Spanish startup Zeleros has raised over 7 million euros to create an alternative version of Hyperloop in Europe.


Zeleros Hyperloop has completed a funding round of over € 7 million. The company is embarking on an important new milestone in the development of its original version of Hyperloop, the best future alternative for efficient and sustainable intercity passenger and freight routes.

Zeleros ushers in this new milestone with the support of companies such as Altran, Grupo Red Eléctrica, and strategic national and international investors, including Goldacre Ventures (UK), Road Ventures (Switzerland), Plug and Play (USA) , Spanish Angels Capital and MBHA.

The goal of this project is to accelerate the development of the Hyperloop industry in Europe by creating an ecosystem of international industrial, technological and institutional partners.

“Hyperloop is a great technology that requires top-notch players, and that’s why from the very beginning we decided to approach our project by creating a collaborative ecosystem. We combine Zeleros’ talented team and technology with the global expertise of leading organizations in sectors such as railways, aeronautics, infrastructure and electrification, ”says Zeleros CEO David Pistoni.

The raised funds will be used to stimulate further development of the Hyperloop Zeleros high-speed vehicle and its core technologies. The new vehicle should be the best alternative to efficiently cover routes from 400 to 1500 kilometers using renewable energy, combining the best of the aviation and rail industries.


The unique requirement of the Zeleros project is its scalability. Zeleros focuses on vehicle technology to make infrastructure construction cheaper. Certain technologies that will be built into the Hyperloop Zeleros vehicle will “radically” reduce the cost per kilometer of infrastructure and the system will operate at safer pressure levels.

Thus, the Zeleros team, due to the electromagnetic units installed on the cars, strives to accelerate trains to 1000 km/h. At the same time, the duration of travel on such routes as, for example, Paris – Berlin, can be reduced to one hour.

The startup plans to open the European Hyperloop development center in Spain and build a three-kilometer test track. The construction time has not yet been announced. Zeleros’ founders come from Hyperloop UPV, a university project awarded for Top Design Concept and Best Propulsion System in the 2015 SpaceX Hyperloop Design Competition, which was hosted by Hyperloop author and mastermind Elon Musk.

After two years of research and development for the “fifth type of transport”, the founders of the Hyperloop UPV team began the startup phase at the end of 2016 with the creation of “Zeleros” and are currently carrying out several projects separately from the university team.

In the short term, the team applies their knowledge in several areas, but the ultimate goal is to become a leading player in Europe in the development of sustainable transport technologies and forge key partnerships to make Hyperloop a reality.

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Hyperloop is the transport of the future, will it become an alternative to rail transport?

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