The TRAKO International Railway Exhibition will start in two weeks. One of the most interesting aspects of such an event is the premieres and presentations of the new rolling stock. The biggest innovation this year will certainly be hydrogen trains.

TRACO will start on September 21 this year. This year, due to the pandemic, the possibility of visiting the halls will be limited.

Every two years, the latest prototypes are presented at the event. And, just like two years ago, the presentation of the Impuls (diesel-electric) hybrid from Newag was very popular. So everything this year indicates that the stage will be owned by hydrogen plants, informs Railway Supply magazine citing Nakolei Pl.

The world’s first hydrogen train

Alstom will present Coradia iLint at TRAKO 2021, the world’s first hydrogen passenger train! It is a plant equipped with a fuel cell to convert hydrogen into electricity.

Alstom. The world's first hydrogen train Coradia iLint
Alstom. The world’s first hydrogen train Coradia iLint

Replacing diesel traction with hydrogen fuel cell technology ensures a completely clean train operation with performance equal to that of Coradia iLint diesel units. This means the same top speed of 140 km/h and comparable acceleration and deceleration characteristics. As well as a passenger capacity of up to 300 passengers and a travel range of up to 1000 kilometers per filling, as has already been demonstrated in everyday use.

Hydrogen shunting diesel locomotive from Pesa

Another “hydrogen” novelty is a shunting diesel locomotive with hydrogen cells. This will be an SM42-based installation and will be the first of its kind produced in Poland. In the future, this unit will be used at the Orlen refinery in Plock.

Hydrogen shunting diesel locomotive from Pesa
Hydrogen shunting diesel locomotive from Pesa

The locomotive will have four asynchronous motors with a capacity of 180 kW each, an auxiliary converter of 3 x 400 V, one inverter for two traction motors. A traction battery based on LTO technology with a set of hydrogen cells will be used for the entire drive.

Pesa for RegioJet

Pesa Bydgoszcz has completed the production of the first dual-system EMU for the Czech RegioJet. Recall that in 2019, the manufacturer signed a contract for the supply of 7 such units.

Pesa for RegioJet
Pesa for RegioJet

These are the first locomotives of the Bydgoszcz-based manufacturer adapted to operate on 25 kV, 50 Hz or 15 kV, 16.7 Hz AC networks, also available in 25 kV AC, 50 Hz and 3 kV DC versions. This is a novelty that will be presented at TRACO.

Alstom (Bombardier) Traxx DC3

Alstom will also showcase the Traxx DC3 locomotive equipped with an add-on module (last mile function) that facilitates access to non-electrified areas such as rail sidings and terminals, allowing new logistics concepts to be applied.

покупает локомотивы
Фото: Bombardier TRAXX MS3

The increased tractive effort, together with an improved traction control system, allows for increased loads compared to comparable locomotives.

The new generation of Traxx locomotives are engineered to reduce energy consumption with the highest traction efficiency and provide intelligent energy management.

TRAKO announces that the official handover of the Traxx DC3 to Cargounit will take place during the show.

Siemens flagship product

Siemens Mobility leaves us in the dark. So far, the manufacturer keeps a secret what it will present at the Trako 2021 railway exhibition. We managed to get information that this is “a flagship product for a client from Pomerania”. Recall that in 2019 there was no Siemens unit at the exhibition, and in 2017 the manufacturer presented the Vectron MS locomotive.

Stadler will show a double-deck EMU

Stadler will present the KISS electric train, which it produces for Slovenian Railways.

Stadler will show a double-deck EMU
Stadler will show a double-deck EMU

Newag и Skoda

Among the exhibitors of rolling stock there are also Skoda and Newag. It is not yet known what these manufacturers will present. Skoda has one place reserved on the show track. Newag, on the other hand, has two reserved seats. It is possible that Newag will present a hybrid locomotive with supercapacitors installed. Due to this, the train will be able to drive several tens of meters without starting the engine. The President of NEWAG spoke about this in July this year.


TRAKO 2021 – 14th International Railway Exhibition

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