The Minister of Economy of Ukraine, the head of the interdepartmental working group on the implementation of the state sanctions policy, Yulia Sviridenko, said that the rolling stock belonging to sub-sanctioned companies will be recovered in favor of the state. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.

UZ sanctions

Thus, she commented on the recent enactment of a decision on sanctions against individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation and Belarus involved in the transportation of personnel and weapons of the occupying forces.

Where is the money promised by the Hungarian government?

According to her, one of the main tasks of the sanctions policy this year is to increase efficiency. In particular, the development of targeted sanctions against persons whose property may be confiscated in the manner prescribed by law in Ukraine. Yulia Sviridenko also noted that the sanctions that Ukraine and our partners have already imposed against the aggressor state have a powerful effect and are already affecting the Russian economy.

At the end of the year, a budget deficit of 3.35 trillion rubles was recorded, or about 2.3% of GDP. Russia has been forced to increase the issuance of domestic borrowing, and at floating rates, which will increase the cost of servicing the debt. The National Wealth Fund, whose funds have been used to cover the budget deficit since October, has decreased by tens of billions of US dollars.

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