The assistance announced by the Hungarian government to the rail freight industry has not yet been implemented. The government has proposed a 40% reduction in access fees to the national rail network. However, no updates have been received since November 1, according to the Hungarian railway association HUNGRAIL. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to RailFreignt.


HUNGRAIL expressed its concern, saying that if these delays continue, rail freight traffic could be at risk. The sector is already facing an additional cost of almost 60 million euros due to higher energy prices in 2022, they said. The association stressed the importance of government assistance, saying that electricity prices have risen from 7 percent to 1/3 of the total cost.

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Financial assistance from the Hungarian government will come from the abolition of the railway access surcharge. The railway access fee in Hungary consists of the standard fee plus an additional surcharge. According to David Vitezi, secretary of state for transport at the Ministry of Technology, the surcharge was 40 percent of the total cost. This surcharge is an additional fee that the infrastructure manager may charge to fund other aspects of the network.

According to the news, The plan for compensation for rail freight companies was to compensate them with the income it has generated by trading carbon dioxide quotas. “Countries and companies receive a quota for the amount of greenhouse gasses they can emit. If they emit less, they can sell the difference to others who emit more”, Vitezy said.

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