UZ starts a three-year program “Iron Ukrainization”, the goal of which is to completely get rid of imperial and Russian names, marks, images on any railway transport facilities. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the speech of the head of the board of the company Olexandr Kamyshin during the presentation of this program on February 21, 2023.


“It’s time to finally get rid of the Soviet and imperial past, which has been impregnating the Ukrainian railway for more than 100 years, to throw into the dustbin of history everything that binds us and hinders our development. It is time to completely Ukrainize the railway,” he stressed.

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According to Olexandr Kamyshin, back in the summer of 2022, Ukrzaliznytsia began the process of preparing for the full Ukrainization of the railway. All possible legal and technical aspects were studied, a huge amount of information about objects requiring Ukrainianization was worked out.

“Based on these data, we have drawn up a comprehensive Ukrainization program that does not just change names and remove Soviet symbols or Russian names, but fundamentally changes the Ukrainian railway,” the head of Ukrzaliznytsia added.

The comprehensive program is designed for three years – 2023-2025. Over these three years, in several stages, it is planned to Ukrainize everything that has so far connected the railway industry of Ukraine with the aggressor country: the names of regional branches, mileage marks, signal marks, Soviet bas-reliefs, names.

“Yes, it will be a big job, for which we are ready. But after all, the effect of it is definitely worth the price and effort. And it cannot even be compared with the price that we all pay today for the final “Farewell, Russia!”, ”concluded Olexandr Kamyshin.

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