On the night from Saturday to Sunday, a train with Russian servicemen arrived in Belarus. According to the independent channel “Belarusian Hajun“, there were about 700-800 people in the train.

RF army

A special train of 15 railcars passed through the Smolensk station towards Belarus on Sunday at 2:10. Two days earlier, on the night from Thursday to Friday, a similar train passed along the same route.

Up to 1,500 military personnel of the aggressor country could have recently entered Vitebsk. As noted, on January 6, Russian uniforms were seen in different parts of the city.

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According to the official statement of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, Belarus and Russia are preparing joint military exercises. They are designed to provide military security.

In the statement, this process is characterized as “enlargement of the regional grouping of troops.” According to the Belarusians, military equipment and weapons will be systematically delivered to their country. The communiqué also mentions an exercise plan that includes joint tactical air maneuvers. These events are designed to “raise the level of combat training of the aviation units of both countries.”

Meanwhile, other Russian soldiers were captured near Bakhmut. They reported that they serve in military unit 12672, which is a training center for the railway troops. So even the railway workers are going to be killed for the sake of the crazy ideas of the Russian Fuhrer.

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