Ukrainian railway industry is one of the competative industries in the international arena!

The railway industry is one of those industries where we can still compete in the international arena! Where will it be tomorrow and what can we offer? How to make Ukrzaliznytsia become a successful innovative company?

railway industry

The Ukrainian Institute for the Future has a number of developments. In my opinion, the rate of development of the national economy in modern conditions is determined by innovative activity. Integration into the world economic space is possible only on the basis of the dynamic development of innovative processes. Ukraine cannot join a number of European states without technological renewal of production and without mastering innovations in competitive sectors of the economy.

The fact of innovative development of the industry becomes decisive for maintaining its competitiveness. The development of railway transport is aimed at several sectors of the economy at once:

  • Production and maintenance of railway equipment
  • Transit and logistics support for the transportation of goods and passengers
  • Infrastructure communications

It gives the multiplier growth of the Ukrainian economy and, subject to high quality standards in service and production, we get the opportunity to enter foreign markets! This is possible with the use of innovative approaches based on the effective functioning and modernization of railway transport, constant updating of equipment, the introduction of modern technologies for servicing the repair of rolling stock, transmission devices and infrastructure for improving the processes of labor organization and management in railway transport.

Therefore, we urgently need to create an innovative body, possibly under Ukrzaliznytsya, to audit breakthrough technologies and implement them.

Андрей Смородин

Andrey Smorodin
Chairman of the Board “East Ukrainian Business Incubator”
Project Manager for Innovative Locomotive and Transport Infrastructure Innovation Center

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