The first train of the German carrier Go Ahead Bavaria arrived for maintenance at the TMH depot, built in the Bavarian municipality of Langweid am Lech. From December 12, the depot will serve 22 trains, and from December 2022 – another 56 trains.

maintenance of trains

At the moment, the construction of the first workshop of the depot has been completed, the second and third will be built by mid-2022. The total investment in the project amounted to about 45 million, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to tzdjournal.

In December last year, TMH International and Go Ahead signed a 12-year contract worth $ 250 million, which provides for routine, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, overhaul and minor repairs of 78 Siemens and Stadler electric trains, as well as the purchase of spare parts, depot management and maintenance of logbooks.

maintenance of trains

Previously, Stadler refused to transfer Go Ahead trains due to concerns about a technology leak to TMH, but later the companies came to an agreement.

Stadler has chosen a location for the production of electric trains in Ukraine

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