TMH to supply passenger cars and electric trains to Armenia

In 2021, Transmashholding will supply the South Caucasian Railway (a subsidiary of Russian Railways, which carries out transportation on the territory of Armenia) 27 locomotive-hauled passenger railcars and 2 double-car EP2D DC electric trains. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply citing information from ТМХ.

to supply passenger cars and electric trains

It is expected that passenger railcars of models 61-4516 (reserved seats) and 61-4517 (with double and four-seater compartments) will be used at the SCR to organize international traffic between Armenia and Georgia.

The railcars are planned to be equipped with coffee machines, drinking water purifiers and toilet complexes with a shower. Individual safes will also be placed in the compartment of railcars of the 61-4517 model. All seats will be equipped with sockets or USB connectors. Two-seater compartments will be equipped with TVs.

The EP2D double-car electric trains will be equipped with microclimate systems with air disinfection modules, vacuum toilets and bicycle racks. These trains will carry out passenger transportation on the Yerevan – Gyumri route. Currently, two double-car EP2D, purchased in 2018, are already operating in the SCR fleet.

Locomotive-hauled cars (21 compartments and 6 reserved seats) will be produced at the Tver Railcar Works, and electric trains at the Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plant.

Passenger railcars will arrive at SCR in May and June, electric trains – until August the 1st , 2021.


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