Locomotives modernization: diversification of locomotive repair depot activity

It is no secret that the first half of 2020 brought a number of extraordinary challenges for enterprises, operating in the field of logistics, transportation as well maintenance and repair of the rolling stock. Locomotives modernization: diversification of locomotive repair depot activity.

During the quarantine period, some industrial enterprises even suspended their activities. Others gave priority to finding appropriate economic and operational solutions.

How to remain stable and also follow the development plans – this was the major challenge faced by the Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot.

Locomotives modernization


The development of advanced technologies that make a breakthrough in the production of railway rolling stock and the quality of the work have always been a priority for VLRD.

In 2019, JSC Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot was entrusted with the overhaul of Siemens locomotives as part of the largest in the last 10 years rolling stock renewal program of the Lithuanian Railways group. In 2020, VLRD opened a new page in the field of modernization of one of the most popular TEM-2 locomotives.

Flexibility and diversification – the key to successful development in quarantine conditions!

Cooperation with clients in Ukraine, such as PJSC “Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant” (Dnipro), LLC “Ukrelevatorprom” (Odessa), etc., represents the acquired trust, based primarily on the quality of work performed.

overhaul of Siemens locomotives

The development of relationships in the field of repair and modernization of rolling stock continues also in 2020:

• The overhaul repair of the M62 locomotive was provided for DB Cargo company.
• For customers from Poland, the overhaul repair of the TEM-2 shunting locomotive was performed and there are negotiations underway to repair 3 more TEM-2 locomotives for customers from Western Europe.

repair and modernization of rolling stock


Even if the adjustments to the plans for the repair of locomotives were insignificant, the quarantine period became a compelling reason to reconsider the needs of the market. What problems are clients facing?

How can VLRD help them in this and what services are in demand to offer?

As a result of this analysis, it became clear that the demand of rolling stock lease is growing.

The proposal for a new service did not take long to wait for the result – at the moment, the terms of renting 2 mainline locomotives for a logistics company in Ukraine are being discussed.


This kind of decision at the time of quarantine restrictions and border closures is quite brave and justifies the name of the leading center for the repair of rolling stock in Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless, purposeful and thorough efforts, combined with market analysis and already earned trust in the market for repair and modernization of rolling stock led to the signing of an agreement on the repair of TEM-2 locomotives for a client from Azerbaijan in May 2020.


JSC Vilnius locomotive repair depot can deservedly be proud also of the experience in the wagon repair.

Radviliškis freight wagon depot is successfully operating since 1916 and now offering:
• depot, capital, current repairs of all types of freight wagons;
• overhaul with extension of service life of semi wagons, platforms, tanks, covered wagons;
• different kind of repairs of freight wagons bogies, including the extension of service life and their modernization, repair of shock-traction devices and brake equipment etc.

In June 2020, Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot won a tender for the repair of wagons for one of the largest Lithuanian companies, Transachema. The contract amount is 1 million Euro and more than 300 wagons are planned to be repaired in a year.

repair of wagons


• modernization of locomotives TGM4, 2M62, M62, CME-3M.
• overhaul and revision of electric traction motors and generators ED118, TE006 TD802, GP300, GP312;
• maintenance and overhaul of engines PD1M, 1PD4A, 6CN21/21, D49, K6S310DR;
• repair of fuel equipment, compressors and reducers;
• inspection and repair of speedometers, air gauges and electrical appliances;
• design, manufacture, processing and welding of metal structures;
• spare parts for locomotives M62, TEM2, CME3.
• axle ultrasound etc.

modernization of locomotives TGM4, 2M62, M62, CME-3M

JSC Vilnius Locomotive Repair offers flexible and cost-effective solutions for railway market in accordance to the requirements for repair and modernization of the rolling stock.

A convenient geographical location, relevant width of the gauge (1520), warranty and liability for performed repairs as well as the ability to offer service in strict accordance with the European Union requirements for technical, economic and environmental standards are key factors for reliable and sustainable business relationship!

Vilnius locomotive repair depot

Contact for cooperation:
Arūnas Petkevicius
Phone: +370 698 77902
Email: arunas.petkevicius@vlrd.lt
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/vlrd

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