TMH delivered two diesel locomotives to Mongolia

Bryansk Machine-Building Plant, which is a part of Transmashholding JSC, delivered two TEM18DM shunting diesel locomotives to Mongolia. The locomotives will operate on the Ulan Bator railway, informs railway magazine Railway Supply referring to the manufacturer’s website.

delivered diesel locomotives

The supply was carried out under a contract for the production of 10 TEM18DM locomotives and 14 2TE25KM mainline freight diesel locomotives. Diesel locomotives TEM18DM have been operating in Mongolia since 2011. One of the features is the installation of audio-video registration system.

Training of Mongolian railway workers in the maintenance of equipment is currently being conducted online.

The company JSC “Transmashholding” also informs about sending for testing of an experimental electric locomotive 3ES5K “Ermak” with the new equipment installed – a device for activating the friction of a locomotive and a device for lubricating the flanges of wheel pairs. This is intended to increase the mileage of locomotives between sand refill and to improve grip properties.


MDD 4 diesel shunting locomotive

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