The VMT 850GR track motorcar is a modern and reliable vehicle

The VMT 850GR track motorcar is a modern and reliable vehicle designed for performing a complex repair of railway infrastructure located at different heights, within stations, in tunnels, on overpasses or overhead structures. The VMT 850GR track motorcar can carry eight workers and can reach speeds of up to 80 km per hour.

track motorcar

The vehicle includes the following components:

  • Cab for transportation of a driver and eight people;

  • Cargo platform;

  • Hydraulic crane with lifting cradle.

The motorcar is designed for parking in an open area on the railway track. A rail motorcar without cargo at low speed is capable of towing a train with a total weight of 66 tons at a speed of up to ≈8 km / h on a slope of 55 ‰ and on a curve with a radius of 500 m.

Stone throwers are installed on the frame in front of the wheels of the front and rear axles. The exhaust gas outlet through the muffler and catalytic converter is directed towards the top of the railcar.

The engine protection system is controlled by an electronic governor (type EMR Deutz). It allows you to monitor the health of the engine. In the case of a serious malfunction, the system automatically stops the engine, and in the case of a minor malfunction, puts it in idle mode. The cause of the malfunction is displayed on the screen of the control panel.

Removable hatches provide easy access to the engine, in particular filters, oil level indicator, and filler opening. The railcar is equipped with a fuel tank with a total capacity of about 430 liters with a lockable filler opening.

The track rail car is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission with a drive on two axles, which provides movement without a trailer load at a speed of about 80 km/h (possibly limited to 30 km/h).

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