Battery-powered railway maintenance machine

Railcare has presented a battery-powered multi-purpose vehicle for railway maintenance operations with reduced noise levels and eliminating emissions at the point of use.

Battery-powered railway maintenance machine

As «Railway Supply» railway magazine informs, the new maintenance machine is equipped with self-propelled vacuum pumps, hydraulics, and control cabins enabling the vehicle to be used as a complement to Railcare’s vacuum excavator, snow melter, and function as a towing vehicle for, for example, ballast wagons during track work.

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The electric driveline technology was supplied by mining and infrastructure machinery specialist Epiroc, while the batteries from Northvolt have a total capacity equivalent to 30 electric cars.

As Railcare CEO Daniel Öholm said, they are proud to be the first to produce a maintenance vehicle for the railway that is emission-free and with the same high performance as company’s other machines. Customers around the world have a huge demand for this type of solution. Especially in city centres, tunnels and mines where exhaust fumes and noise levels are a big environmental problem.

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