More than 47 million euros have been allocated from the European Union for the development of railway infrastructure and other modes of transport in Poland, including 23 million euros for the construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK).

розвиток залізниць Польщі

The funds will also be used to design the Warsaw-Poznan high-speed line, including the Lodz tunnel, the E59 line, the Kendzezin-Kozle-Khalupko (E30) and Rzeszow-Medica sections, as well as preparatory work for the Gdynia port transport infrastructure development project. Informs Railway Supply magazine

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland, the funds will come from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). 100 projects from European countries took part in the competition with a budget of 307 million euros for financial support.

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Earlier it was reported that the Polish government plans to invest in the infrastructure of road and rail transport about 200 billion zlotys (53.58 billion US dollars). The funds will be provided in the state program to overcome the consequences of the pandemic


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