Stadler has supplied MÁV-START with the first Citylink three-car train in Hungary. It can operate both on tram lines and on the railway, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to the Global Railway Review.

first Citylink tram train to Hungary
Picture: MÁV-START/Balazs Szecsody

The tram train was delivered from Valencia to Szentes, Hungary, where it is temporarily located at the train station. The first train will be followed by seven more trains. The eight-train fleet is expected to begin commercial traffic between Szeged and Hodmezovasarhey in the last quarter of 2021. Subsequently, the basic contract provides for the option to supply 4 more trains.

This is the first such kind of transport in Hungary.

Citylink trains can operate in two modes: from a direct current of 600 V on city tram lines, and also from the diesel engine on the railway line, with the maximum speed of 100 km/h. Each train can accommodate up to 216 passengers.

The cabin provides seats for the disabled and parents with baby carriages, a system of microclimate support, video surveillance and information.


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