The first electric train of the new generation Flirt is assembled

This week, the first electric train of the new generation Flirt was assembled at the Stadler Polska plant in Siedlce, ordered under the billion-dollar contract signed with PKP Intercity in August 2019, reports  Railway Supply  magazine citing Rynek Kolejowy.

electric train of the new generation
Picture: Stadler Польша

The next stage is static and dynamic testing required for the admission. The new electric train from Stadler is more than 150 meters long. It will be the first of 12 modern multi-system electric trains that Stadler in Siedlce will produce for PKP Intercity. The manufacturer will also be responsible for maintaining the new train fleet for 15 years.

The modern trains produced by Stadler Polska have been designed taking into account environmental protection. They are made from environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled. The energy recovery system of the train returns the energy generated during braking to the traction network. Vehicles are also quieter than other trains. Acoustic sound insulation will reduce the noise level in the cabin, which will increase the comfort of movement and work of train crews.


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