Softronic Craiova to supply 100 electric locomotives to Sweden

Softronic Craiova Group has signed a contract with the Swedish company Green Cargo to supply 100 electric locomotives by 2030, as railway magazine «Railway Supply» reports, citing România Feroviară.

Picture: Softronic Craiova

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The Softronic group was founded in 1999 and consists of the rolling stock manufacturer Softronic and the railway freight and passenger operator Softrans. Green Cargo is a Swedish state-owned logistics company with 1800 employees and an annual turnover of 400 million euros.

For two and a half months, we have been negotiating this contract, which is extremely important for the Romanian company, especially considering that the Romanian industry has greatly reduced over the past three decades, reports Softronic Craiova.

electric locomotives
Picture: Softronic Craiova

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Softronic Craiova has to supply 100 TransMontana electric locomotives to Sweden for Green Cargo until 2030. SoftronicTransMontana is a six-axle electric locomotive for freight trains produced by the Romanian locomotive manufacturer Softronic.


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