Remotorization of the TEM-2M diesel locomotive

The remotorization of the TEM-2M diesel locomotive is a project that arose in the process of analyzing the modern fleet of rolling stock. Many of the currently operating TEM-2 shunting locomotives have reached the point of physical deterioration, equipped with obsolete technology,  the functional and aesthetic design of the driver’s cab does not meet modern requirements.

Remotorization of diesel locomotive

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot has initiated a new project – the remotorization of the TEM-2 diesel locomotive, replacing the engine with a CAT C32 EU Stage III B 854 kW and an EMIT GFP560 + GTDS400 generator.

The main tasks of the TEM-2M remotorization project and diesel locomotive overhaul are:

  • significant reduction in operating costs (low operating costs and high efficiency);
  • environmental safety of the TEM-2 diesel locomotive (reducing the emission of exhaust gases into the environment by installing modern exhaust systems);
  • improvement of working conditions and comfort of railway crews;
  • facilitate the operation and maintenance of the locomotive;
  • completely overhaul the body and chassis, eliminating the damage caused by corrosion.

In this case, the remotorization of TEM-2 locomotives becomes a modern and economical solution, makes it possible to renew the locomotive fleet at costs reaching only 60-70% of the cost of a new diesel locomotive and then use the same TEM-2 diesel locomotive, which has proven itself well on the market., but already overhauled, with modern equipment and a new diesel engine installed.

JSC “Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot” offers modern solutions for railway, flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet the current market requirements for the repair and modernization of rolling stock.

The convenient geographical location of our locomotive repair depot, 1520mm width gauge, guarantee and liability for the repairs performed, as well as the ability to offer service in strict accordance with the European Union requirements for technical, economic and environmental standards, reflects the reliability and sustainability of our business relationship!

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