Railway Supply – integrated solutions for railway transport

InnoTrans 2022: Railway Supply – Integrated solutions for railway transport (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

We are a marketing, advertising and trading company, we also carry out export-import operations.

Our clients: railway authorities; departments, branches and structural divisions of railways; procurement and marketing departments of the enterprises of mining, petrochemical, metallurgical, agricultural industries; railway workshops and railway divisions of factories and plants; sea and river ports, stevedore companies; railway forwarders; urban railway transport; rolling stock construction and maintenance companies.

We work in the context of deliveries and organization of sales.

Our main marketing tool is our own railway magazine and news web-portal Railway Supply. Number of portal page views: 3 094 921.

We are open to cooperation with foreign and Ukrainian manufacturers and ready to work under agency and dealer agreements.

Rail freight

  • rail forwarders,
  • logistics rail companies,
  • stevedoring companies,
  • railways,
  • rail companies,
  • rail terminals

Rail fasteners

  • track bolts,
  • railroad spikes,
  • rail anchors,
  • rail clamps,
  • screw spikes,
  • rail pads,
  • rail insulators

Mainline and shunting rolling stock

  • locomotive,
  • freight car,
  • electric locomotive,
  • diesel locomotive,
  • dump car,
  • railcar,
  • passenger car,
  • railway crane,
  • railway tank,
  • covered car,
  • open-top car,
  • railway platform,
  • refrigerator car,
  • shunting locomotive,
  • locomobile,
  • hopper.

Spare parts for locomotives

  • 2TE116,
  • 2M62,
  • TE3, TE10, TEP10, TE10, TEM2E2 TEM2UM,
  • CME3, CME3T,
  • DR-1,
  • TEM-7

Spare parts for diesel engines

  • D6, D12, D50,
  • K661,
  • 6CN 21/21,
  • D49, 7-6D49, 3A-6D49,
  • 210D2, 211D3, 211D3M,
  • 14D40,
  • 11D45A

Rolling stock rental

  • installation of control and monitoring devices for rolling stock,
  • lease of traction rolling stock.

Equipment for track maintenance

  • Rail drilling machine,
  • Sleeper handler,
  • Rail mover,
  • Рower wrench,
    Rail Grinder,
  • Rail Cutter,
  • Hydraulic rail puller,
  • Hand Ballast Tamper,
  • Diesel generator ED4-T230,
  • Hydraulic track jack,
  • Hydraulic rail straightener,
    Impact power wrench.

Freight cars repair

  • covered,
  • tank and gondola wagon,
  • railway platform,
  • fitting platform,
  • hopper,
  • passenger car.

Railway track construction

  • railway track repair,
  • railway track construction,
  • track modernization,
  • track dismantling.

Locomotive modernization

  • locomotive modernization,
  • locomotive remotorization,
  • electric locomotive repair,
  • overhaul locomotive,
  • field maintenance of a locomotive.

Rubber goods for railway transport

  • rubber goods for locomotives,
  • rubber goods for wagons brake systems,
  • rubber goods for rolling stock.

Digital railway

  • IT technologies for railway



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