Railroad car with fully opening sides

Pulp maker Södra Cell Värö is testing the fully opening railcar, designed for warehouse-style loading, reports Railway Supply magazine citing the Railway Gazette.

Railroad car
Picture: Kiruna Wagon

Södra Cell Värö is testing a prototype wagon that allows the entire 20m side to be vertically opened to provide more space for efficient loading with a forklift. Serial production of 22 cars is planned.

“This large loading door is revolutionary,” said Martin Malmelev, manager of Kiruna Wagon. “Carriages of this type usually have sliding doors or pillars that restrict access and can be damaged.”

The XL side loader is constructed from a high-strength steel truss with hydraulic opening and a durable and flexible canvas outer surface for reduced weight.

“If the railway industry is attractive as an environmentally friendly alternative to road transport, loading and unloading must be highly efficient,” Malmelev said. “With this car, you can remotely open both long sides along the entire length and access the goods in a way that is not possible in a truck. It is also possible to unload entire trains at the same time. The large loading door creates conditions comparable to working in a warehouse. “


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