New passenger car for the long distance trains

The initial batch of this wagons will be released for the certification tests in the first quarter of 2021. New passenger car for the long distance trains was presented on the 2nd of October.

New passenger car
Picture: GOLDY-2008

The loading gauge of the new railway car is 5,3 m height × 3,75 m width (T-size in Russian railways standard). It is slightly larger comparing to regular passenger cars. There are some distinctive features of the new passenger sleeping car:

  • enlarged passenger beds
  • enlarged inner space
  • additional bathroom
  • additional service zone for the trainmen
  • additional passenger compartment
  • laundry storage
  • modular lockers

Reffering to the press office of Russian railways, “Railway Supply” informs that the overall dimentions of the new wagon have the following changes: width was enlarged by 0.28 m , length – by 0.73 m. The effective space for the passenger compartments became 3 m longer.

Due to such an increasing it made possible to enlarge sleeping space by 10%, luggage storage by 14%  and overall inner space by 11%.

passenger car
Picture: GOLDY-2008
passenger car for the long distance trains
Picture: GOLDY-2008