The Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications has approved an alternative to the new Rail Baltica railway line from Kaunas to Vilnius.

alternative railway section approved

After numerous discussions with residents and communities of Vilnius and Kaunas and the surrounding regions, as well as taking into account the standards applicable to European high-speed rail, it was decided that the so-called northern alternative S5 would best meet the needs of all interested parties, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply referring to Rail Baltica.

UAB Sweco Lietuva and DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH in 2021 developed four alternative routes for the Rail Baltica railway between Vilnius and Kaunas.

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The cost-benefit analysis showed that the most optimal solution, taking into account all environmental, social and economic aspects, would be to implement the solutions to the engineering infrastructure development plan in accordance with the conceptual alternative S5, otherwise known as the northern alternative S5.

In addition, the cities of Lentvaris, Vevis and Kaisiadoris will be connected by this European railway line, which was not foreseen in the other alternatives. On the Rail Baltica railway line, trains will be able to reach speeds of up to 249 km/h.

The aim is to ensure communication so the main cities, airports, and railway stations of Vilnius and Kaunas would be available as soon as possible.

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Rail Baltica is a strategic and largest infrastructure project in the history of not only Lithuania, but all the Baltic states, connecting Lithuania with the European railway network.

At a later stage, they will determine specific territories, land plots and their parts through which the Rail Baltica railway line will pass. This information is planned to be published in the second quarter of 2022.

The owners and users of these land plots will be informed individually.

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