Farmers are trying to block the railway border crossing with Ukraine in Hrubieszow. The police are on the scene, not letting the protesters pass on the tracks. According to the police, their goal is to ensure the safety of all protesters. Rail traffic has been stopped. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Raport Kolejowy.


Farmers stand in Hrubieszow protesting against the import of Ukrainian grain into Poland. They hold not only white and red flags, but also banners with the slogan “Ukrainian wheat, Polish fertilizers and oil will finish off the farmers.”

A few tens of minutes before the start of the action, the police arrived at the railway border crossing in Hrubieszow. They cordoned off the tracks so that the protesters could not get on them. In connection with the current situation, it was decided to direct the railway traffic to a detour.

Ukrzaliznytsia launches a large-scale program “Iron Ukrainization”

Polish farmers gathered at the railway border crossing in Hrubieszow to protest against the import of grain from Ukraine into the country. One of the protesting farmers, in an interview with journalists, commented on the introduction of duties that are destroying the Polish market.

“The European Union has introduced certain rules that half of Europe does not know about,” he said. – Exempted from customs duties on the border with Ukraine and thereby destroyed the Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech and Slovak markets. Brussels does not understand our problems.”

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Robert Telus, the Ukrainian side “made a proposal to sharply limit for some time, and at the moment even completely stop the flow of grain to Poland.”

“The transit of grain from Ukraine through Poland will be very carefully controlled by both the Polish and Ukrainian sides so that the grain does not remain in Poland,” the minister said.

However, the farmers are not giving up. They planned their protest for seven days. Among their demands is the introduction of duties on grain from Ukraine.

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