Poland reforms railway legislation in Georgia

Polish proposal won in a competition organized by Georgia for the reform of railway legislation. The aim of the project is to support Georgia in adapting the legislation and structure of the railway sector to the requirements of European Union directives. The project, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Infrastructure, will be attended by specialists from the Railway Transport Administration, reports Railway Supply magazine citing Nakolei

reforms railway
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In an open competition organized by the Georgian authorities, Poland’s proposal surpassed two other. From the Polish side there will be experts from five departments – the Ministry of Infrastructure, the EU Transport Projects Center, the Institute of Railways, PKP SA and PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA. The scope of the project includes supporting Georgia in meeting the requirements of EU directives in the field of regulation of the railway market. Twinning is an initiative of the European Commission. Within it the countries of the European Union offer support to countries aspiring to join the Community in bringing the functioning of certain sectors of the economy in line with legal requirements of EU. The support is funded from the European Union budget. The project is designed for 27 months and worth 1.25 million euros.
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