InnoTrans is the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology. This is an international media event. InnoTrans 2018 was attended by about 1000 media representatives from 44 countries, including the railway magazine Railway Supply.

InnoTrans 2018. Copyright: Messe Berlin GmbH

The international transport technology exhibition InnoTrans 2022 will take place in Berlin from September 20 to 23, 2022.

In fact, InnoTrans 2022 does not start in September 2022, but much earlier, because successful contacts at the exhibition itself are preceded by painstaking work on the eve of the event: promotions, informing potential customers about the event and their presence at it.

We invite you to place your information in a special issue of the Railway Supply magazine (EN), which will be distributed on Press Booth among visitors and participants of the railway technology exhibition InnoTrans 2022.

  • Inside front or back cover — 600 EUR + inside front or back cover in «Railway Supply» magazine (UA) + online «Railway Supply» (UA, RU)
  • Ads  (210х297 mm) — 400 EUR + ads  (210х297 mm) in «Railway Supply» magazine (UA) + online «Railway Supply» (UA, RU)
  • Article 2 pages — 400 EUR грн. + article 2 pages in «Railway Supply» magazine (UA) + online «Railway Supply» (UA, RU)
  • Article 3 pages  — 500 EUR + article 3 pages in «Railway Supply» magazine (UA) + online «Railway Supply» (UA, RU)
  • Article 4 pages  — 600 EUR + article 4 pages in «Railway Supply» magazine (UA) + online «Railway Supply» (UA, RU)

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InnoTrans 2022 | Exhibition of Railway Technologies

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