PKP Cargo: we will be the intermodal operator of the 21st century

The largest Polish rail freight carrier will no longer base its operations mainly on serving the heavy industry. Intermodal transport should take its place in the transport structure. “This is the goal of PKP Cargo’s ongoing investment in rolling stock and terminals,” said PKP Cargo Chairman Czesław Warsewicz during the Congress 590.

PKP Cargo: we will be the intermodal operator of the 21st century
Picture: PKP Cargo

The carrier expects coal transportation to decrease. In 2017, PKP Cargo Group set itself the task of transforming itself into a logistics operator. – We want to do this transformation as soon as possible. These are market trends and the expectations of our shareholders. We have adopted this assumption in our strategy, which is part of the investments made since then, – the President assured. The purchase of 1200 intermodal platforms is largest purchase in the history of the carrier. PKP Cargo has also ordered 5 multi-system locomotives and is expanding its logistics center in Malashevichi. About 50% of the cost of each of these projects is funded by the European Union, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing Rynek Kolejowy.

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In addition to the transport itself, PKP Cargo also wants to offer related services to its customers. – We see the need to improve the availability of our service for customers. For this, we are modernizing transshipment terminals, said Czesław Warsewicz.

According to him, the potential of the intermodal market is evidenced by the growth in the number of entities operating in it. “Constant investments in seaports, border crossings and communications are of great importance,” said PKP Cargo President. The railway is already a safe and predictable vehicle, which, in his opinion, is evidenced by the situation during the blockade of the Suez Canal.

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– We are developing our offer, especially in the south of Europe, in accordance with the Three Seas initiative. Our investments contribute to the country’s logistics system, without which it is difficult to imagine the dynamic development of Polish companies and the competitiveness of the economy. “Without a logistic support system, it is difficult to imagine a way out of the medium growth trap,” said the carrier’s president.

PKP Cargo also considers it its mission to use Poland’s geographic location economically. “Realizing our mission and becoming a logistics operator, we are part of this process. There is synergy in this: the economy that we are developing determines the transport needs from which we benefit, ”he concluded.


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