New PCC Intermodal platforms already en route to Belgium

The Polish container transport operator PCC Intermodal has expanded its fleet with 20 new railway platforms. Putting them into operation made possible to increase the frequency of container trains on the Poland-Belgium route from 3 to 5 trains per week. These are the first wagons from the contract for 150 units, informs Railway Supply magazine with a link to

Intermodal platforms
Picture: PCC Intermodal

The acquisition of the platforms became possible due to EU funds under the infrastructure development and environmental protection program.

This year, further commissioning of wagons produced by Tatravagonka Poprad (Slovakia) and Kolovag AD (Bulgaria) is planned. These platforms are 60, 80 and 90 feet long. The total amount of the contract is over 15 million euros.

PCC Intermodal currently has over 700 wagons. Annually the operator organizes more than 5 thousand intermodal trains between the ports of Gdansk, Gdynia, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp and intermodal terminals throughout Poland, as well as transportation from Duisburg and Brest.

The mentioned company is not the only recipient of EU funds, which were allocated for the purchase of wagons for the transport of containers. Other Polish operators also received support: PKP Cargo, Lotos Kolej and Pol-Miedź Trans.


PCC Intermodal SA signed an agreement with Tabor Dębica for the supply of modernized shunting locomotives

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