LTG is looking for independent board members for a salary of 12 thousand euros per year

Lithuania’s leading railway company in the Baltic States, Lietuvos geležinkeliai (LTG), has announced a competition to select independent board members for a new 4-year term of office. The winner can count on an annual remuneration of a member of the board of directors – 12,000 euros. At the same time, the specified minimum time devoted to this activity is 240 hours per year, informs Railway Supply magazine with a link to an announcement from the company’s website.

independent board members

The selection will be carried out by a commission formed by the order of the Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania.

It is noted that candidates applying for the position of a member of the company’s board must have a higher education, not be associated with any individuals or legal entities that could lead to a conflict of interest in the performance of their duties.

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Special requirements include at least B2 English proficiency, as well as competence in at least one of 5 areas: strategic management and business development; financial management; development and management of logistics; management and regulation of railway transport; digitalization. Experience in all of these areas must be associated with the management of a company with at least 250 employees.

Applicants must submit the required documents by email to the recruitment agency AIMS International Lietuva by April 7, 2021.


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