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Remotorizaton of TEM-2M


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Remotorizaton of TEM-2M

LTG Tech (Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot) has initiated the new project – remotorizaton of TEM-2M (replacement of the old engine with CAT C32 EU Stage III B 854 kW and generator EMIT GFP560+GTDS400.

The main tasks of TEM-2M remotorization project and overhaul of the diesel locomotive are:
• significantly reduce operating costs by upgrading equipment with low operating costs and high efficiency;
• preserve the environment by installing modern exhaust systems;
• improve the working conditions and comfort of the service personnel;
• facilitate the operation and maintenance of the locomotive;
• completely repair the body and chassis, eliminating the damage caused by corrosion.

In this case, the remotorization of TEM-2 locomotives becomes a modern and economically reasonable solution, it makes it possible to renew the  locomotive fleet at costs that reach only 60-70% of the cost of a new diesel locomotive and then use
the same diesel locomotive TEM-2, which has proven itself well on the market, but already overhauled, with installed modern equipment and a new economical diesel engine.