Lease of the locomotives of TEM2, TGM23 and 2M62 series

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot leases TEM2, TGM23, 2M62 locomotives.

Lease of the locomotives

TEM2 locomotive lease

Wheel arrangement Со-Со
Power 882 kW
Gauge 1520 mm
Max speed 100 km/h
Weight 120 t
Minimum railway curve radius 80 m
Engine PD1M
Traction generator GP-300B
Auxiliary generator MVG-25 / II
Transmission DC/DC
Max traction force 362 kN

TGM23 locomotive lease

Wheel arrangement 0-3-0
Power 294 kW
Gauge 1520 mm
Max shunting speed 30 km/h
Max speed 60 km/h
Weight 44 t
Minimum railway curve radius 40 m
Engine 1D12-400BS1
Generator G-732V
Transmission T522 / T911
Max traction force 430 kN

2M62 locomotive lease

2M62UR-0112 2М62US-0118
Wheel arrangement Со-Со Со-Со
Power 2206 kW 2210 kW
Gauge 1520 mm 1520 mm
Max speed 100 km/h 100 km/h
Weight 129 t 120 t
Minimum railway curve radius 125 m 125 m
Engine 12CN26/26 CAT 3516B HD SC
Traction generator GS531 AU2 DSG 86 M1-4 LH
Auxiliary generator 5PSGM U2
Transmission AC/DC AC/DC
Max traction force 417 kN 350 kN

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot – a company of the Lithuanian Railways Group, the biggest and most advanced rolling stock repair centre in the region.

VLRD provide complex services of manufacturing locomotives, track machinery, as well as repair and modernising of freight wagons. The machinery manufactured and upgraded here is appreciated for quality, efficiency and reliability.

+370 698 77902 (contact)
+370 (5) 269 2035 (office administrator)


Vilnius locomotive repair depot: the volume of locomotive repairs increased by 16%

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