“Right now, no one knows what the rise in component prices will lead to.” Key theses from the interview of Stadler Rail owner Peter Spuhler to the Swiss newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Stadler owner interview

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to rollingstock.

1️⃣ A very “toxic” situation is developing on the world market. “In addition to the Ukrainian crisis, there are explosive commodity prices, disruption of supply chains and high inflation, which will lead to the need for higher wages. <…> The worst thing is the simultaneous occurrence of all these problems,” says Spuler. According to him, Stadler is encouraged only by the record volume of the order book (at the end of 2021 it was € 17.5 billion, + 11% for the year).

2️⃣ Stadler is trying to contain the growth of component costs, however, there is no threat to the company’s profitability at the moment. “Unless there is a massive break in supply chains, then the goals for implementation and operating profitability are achievable,” says Spuler. In 2021, the operating margin of the manufacturer was 6.2%, the company set a goal to increase the figure to 8-9% in 2023, but now expects it to be reached 1-2 years later.

3️⃣ “We are not going to completely close the plant in Belarus. We assume that we will be able to increase production capacity after the lifting of sanctions.” Earlier, Peter Spuler reported that Stadler Rail is moving part of its production from Belarus to other sites due to problems with the import of electronics, but does not stop working. Regarding the company’s losses due to the partial curtailment of work at the plant in Belarus, Spuler said that they are within the “seven-digit sum.”

4️⃣ This year, Stadler plans to receive €4.8-5.7 billion of new orders (in 2021 they received a record €5.4 billion for the company), as well as supply rolling stock and provide services for a total of €3.3-3.6 billion. Also, the Swiss manufacturer intends to invest about €191 million in the development of production capacities.

Photo: Jean Ehrenzeller, Keystone

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